Half of LED Strip Not Working- Fix in Minutes

I have installed multi-color LED lights on the ceiling of my bedroom. They give a beautiful look. But, suddenly half of my LED strip stopped working.

I do not call an electrician for such minor issues. Instead, I try to fix them at home. Therefore, I applied some troubleshooting hacks to my strips.

Fortunately, I found out the root cause, eliminated it, and my entire LED strip started working. However, I did not use random hacks.

Instead, these are verified and authentic solutions that I am going to share in this article. It is a detailed guide with each step clearly explained.

Solution #1. Test the Colors

First, you have to test all the colors of the LED lights. Most strips glow in multiple colors. Turn ON your strip by connecting to power. Turn ON only 1 color at a time using the remote.

Observe the whole strip and notice the unlit area. Similarly, try all the colors and notice the difference. This way you can confirm that only a certain part of the strip is not lightning up in all colors.

Solution #2. Scan the Unlit Part

As you know, LED strips have clear ends for cutting. Each piece has its own circuit. So, if a particular part is not working, only that section needs replacement.

Examine the unlit section to notice any missing resistor or a poor connection. Join the pieces tightly again. Multiple strips can be joined together to make long chains.

Either you use connectors or solder the joints. Make sure the strips are connected or soldered firmly. The most important thing is to check the voltage using a multimeter. It will help determine if the problem is related to the poor current flow.

Half of LED Strip Not Working- Fix in Minutes

Solution #3. Use the Compatible Connector

Using the wrong connector can also cause this issue. So, you have to choose compatible connectors. A single color strip uses 2-pin LED connector. Because it needs one positive and one negative connection.

While an RGB light strip needs a 4-pin connector. Because it involves 3 colors such as green, blue, and red. Furthermore, the connectors are of two types.

One is the strip-to-wire connector having a strip on one side and the wires on the other. This type is used at the last strip to connect it to the power supply.

While the other one is strip to strip connector to join two LED strips together. Now, you have to revisit the whole strip to confirm that everything is fine.

Solution #4. Replace the Connectors

Examine the connecting points minutely. The strips should be joined firmly on either end of the connectors. If any of the pins are slipped, they will fail to work.

So, make sure the strips are correctly linked with the pins. Replace the connector if it is broken or damaged. Some strips are connected by a soldering iron.

You have to check the soldered points. Make sure they are not loose or broken. Solder the loose or broken points again to fix the unlit part.

Solution #5. Check the Accessories

Strips use an adapter and power cable to receive power. If one of these accessories is faulty, half LED will not work. So, check the adapter and use another one if possible.

Sometimes, the adapter fails due to a short circuit. In this case, you may or may not see visible signs of burning. Further, check the power cable and replace it if it is damaged or broken. Also, ensure that everything is plugged in firmly.

Solution #6. Reset the LED Strips

Some advanced LED strips work with Wifi and Bluetooth. So, they are likely to get firmware issues. But, resetting can solve the problem.

Plug your LED strip into the wall power outlet. Keep it ON for a few seconds and then turn it OFF.

  1. Unplug the strip from the power source.
  2. Hold the power button on the remote control for a few seconds.
  3. Connect the power again and hold the power button.
  4. Keep the button holding until the LED strip turns ON. The strip will change the colors one by one.
  5. Release the power button when the yellow color comes on.
  6. Some LED strips have a tiny reset button. Press and hold it with a paperclip or pen to reset your strip.

Solution #7. Change the Power Supply

The poor power supply can be a reason half of your strip is not working. There are various reasons for insufficient power. For example, an overloaded circuit, faulty outlet, or low or very high voltage.

Do not plug the LED strips into the same circuit which has heavy electronic appliances. Check the power outlet for any faults or short circuits.

Moreover, plug your strips into a different power source. Hopefully, it will help if the problem is with power.

Solution #8. Replace the Damaged Section

If connectors are working fine or strips are correctly soldered, you have to remove the damaged part. Put the masking tape on either end to identify the unlit part.

Now, turn OFF the power and unplug strips from the outlet. Cut the faulty section along the marked line.

Use sharp scissors and cut carefully and do not slip from the line. Now, take the right type of connector and join the working pieces of the strip.

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FAQs About LED Light Strips

You may want to ask further questions. Here are answers to your common queries.

Why half of my LED strip is not working?

There can be more than one reason if half of the strip is not working. For example, poor power supply, bad connectors, and loose connections can lead to the problem. Moreover, unmatched voltage supply or damaged strips also cause such an issue.

Is it safe to keep LED strips turned ON all night?

Yes, you can leave the LED strips ON all night. They do not produce as much heat as normal incandescent bulbs do. So, they do not pose any threat such as overheating or catching fire. Moreover, strips require minimum wattage.

Can I fix broken LED light strips?

If the strips broke at the connectors, you can join them again with the connectors. However, if the small bulbs are broken, replace the damaged part. Cut the broken section of the strip. Join the remaining ends with the connectors or soldering iron.

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Final Words

You can fix your LED strip at home if half of it is not working. Just try the basic troubleshooting methods mentioned in this guide. Tell us freely if you need further assistance.

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