Which is Better LED Tube Light OR LED Bulb?

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 09:14 pm

A well-lit residence is absolutely one of the most important factors that you must consider while planning to shift to a new place, or while living in one. The tube lights you choose should be strong enough to light up the nooks and corners of your house, comfortable to the eyes, must not consume much energy, and should be pocket-friendly.

All these criteria are easily covered by Light Emitting Diode, which is usually known by its abbreviation, LED. These days, most people are choosing an LED tube light.

Choosing the best and most suitable light source for your home is a very difficult task. Sometimes we confuse LED lights and fluorescent lights but LEDs are much more efficient than fluorescent lights.

And when we choose LEDs over fluorescent light, then there is a question that which one is better LED tube lights or LED bulbs. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of LED tube lights and LED bulbs.

LED Tube Light VS LED Bulb

Before making a comparison between LED tube lights and LED Bulbs let’s first know about both of them.

What is a LED Tube Light?

LED tube lights are elongated, linear lamps designed to operate in traditional fluorescent fixtures. LED tube lights are available in three different sizes which are:

  1. T5 (5/8 inches Diameter)
  2. T12 (1.5 inches Diameter
  3. T8 (1-inch Diameter)

The “T” stands for “tubular” and the digit indicates the diameter of the tube light.

Which is Better LED Tube Light OR LED Bulb?

What is a LED Light Bulb?

An LED light bulb or LED lump is a solid-state lighting (SSL) device that fits in standard screw-in connections but uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to create light.

Comparison 1: Comparison of Efficiency

An LED light produces 90% more efficient light as compared to LED bulbs. LED tube light illuminates big area than the LED bulb. LED tube light produces more light than LED bulbs. According to this comparison, LED tube light is better than LED bulbs.

The lighting of LED bulbs is unidirectional because it produces from a small area. While the lightning of the LED tube light is not directed due to the large size of the tube and it spreads all around.

Comparison 2: Comparison Of Lifespan

One of the biggest benefits of LED tube lights is their extended lifespan. The most durable LED tube light has been tested to last as long as 100,000 hours. On average LED tube lights will not have to be changed for almost 20 years.

The lifespan of LED bulbs is almost 50,000 hours of light, while some brands offer as many as 90,000 hours. Generally, if you use your lights for 10 hours each day, LEDs bulbs have been functioning for almost 14 years.

In this way, the LED tube lights are better than the LED bulb.

Comparison 3: Comparison of Size

In the case of size comparison, the LED bulb is more compact than the LED tube light. The LED bulb surrounds less space than the LED tube light because tube lights are large in size and it surrounds more space than a bulb.

According to the comparison of size, LED bulbs are more compact and versatile than LED tube lights.

Comparison 4: Comparison of Usage

In the case of their usage LED bulb are more versatile than LED tube lights. The use of LED bulbs is much more enormous than LED tube lights. The use of LED bulbs is ideal for unidirectional lightning like flashlights and desk lamps. LEDs are also used in vehicle headlights and electronic devices for status lights.

The light of the LED Bulb is sharp while the LED tube light hasn’t sharp and unidirectional lightning. LED tube lights are mostly used in houses. The LED tube lights are ideal for lighting up full rooms, with full-size LED tube lights ideal for large rooms such as warehouses where focused light is not needed.

According to this comparison, the LED bulb is more versatile than the LED tube lights.

Comparison 4: Comparison of Safety

As the LED bulb produces directed and sharp light it can be more harmful to the eyes than the LED tube light. As Led tube lights have soft and undirected light. LED lights produce a little number of ultraviolet rays.

Both LED bulbs and LED tube lights produce UV rays, but the LED bulb has sharp light which can be more harmful than the LED tube light. The LED tube light is soothing to the eyes and emits very less harmful radiation.

LEDs are eco-friendly lights.

Comparison 5: Comparison of Durability

It is highly unlikely that LED bulbs will blow. However, in unusual cases, thermal and electrical stress can be produced by voltage flows, faulty capacitors, and poor heat management, which leads to LEDs exploding.

While LED tube lights have more resistance from thermal and electrical stress than LED bulbs. According to this comparison, LED tube lights a more durable than LED bulbs.

Comparison 6: Comparison of Cost

Led bulbs are cheaper and more cost-effective than LED tube lights. The cost/price of a LED bulb can be between 1$ to 5$ as per quality. The cost/price of a LED tube light can be 5$ to 10$ as per quality.

So LED bulbs are more cost-effective and affordable than LED tube lights.

Comparison 7: Comparison of Power Consumption

The average power consumption rate of the LED bulb is 60 watts. Or it can be .01kWh. And the average power consumption rate of a LED tube light is also 60-watt or .01kWh which is equivalent to the LED bulb.

So we can say that all LED lights are cost-effective and easily affordable.

When we have to choose something there are a lot of questions about those things. There are some of the answers to your questions much can help you in choosing the best and most suitable one. Some of the questions are as:

Are LED Tube lights better than LED bulbs?

LED tubes are better than LED bulbs because they are 50-70% better at providing the same amount of light.

Which is better for eyes LED tubes or LED bulbs?

LED tube is better than LED bulb because LED bulbs have undirected sharp light than tubes which can be harmful to the eyes.

Do LED lights raise electric bills?

LED lights consume less energy and are absolutely cheaper than their counterparts.

What is the cheapest light to run?

LED bulbs are the most efficient and cheapest lighting source.

Which LED light is best for the living room?

Soft white light is best for the living room, so the LED tube light is suitable for the living room.

Which light is best for the bedroom?

Natural lighting is the best. Permit natural light into your bedroom as much as possible.

How long do tube LED lights last?

The average lifespan of an LED is frequently rated up to 50,000 hours.

Do LED bulbs use a lot of electricity?

LED bulb is very significant. It consumes 85% less electricity than other light sources.

Are all LED lights the same quality?

No, not all LED lights are of the same quality.

Does LED light expire?

The LED light can expire within 5 to 20 years.

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Final Thoughts

When you have to choose between two things you should keep in mind the pros and cons of both. So you can wisely choose the best one. We hope this article will help you to understand the pros and cons of LED tube lights and LED bulbs.

Read carefully and choose wisely the best and most suitable source of lighting according to your requirements.