Electric Blanket Light ON But No Heat-Best Guides

Last updated on September 28th, 2023 at 09:16 am

Electric blankets prove a blessing in extremely cold weather. But, what if your blanket stops working? Last winter my electric blanket stopped producing heat although its light was ON.

It put me in real trouble. Because the weather was too harsh and I could not warm myself. I was wondering and shivering. Then, I decided to try some general hacks that work for other appliances at my home.

Someone has rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention. Fortunately, some tricks worked and my blanket recovered. Later on, I searched on the internet and asked some friends.

This provided me with further solutions. I am sharing all the potential solutions in this guide. These hacks are tested and can fix your blanket with 99% surety.

1. Reset Your Electric Blanket

First of all, try a reset on your blanket. It is one of the powerful and easiest hacks.

  1. Unplug the power cord of your blanket from the electric outlet.
  2. Make sure the control is firmly connected to the blanket module.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds and plug the power cord again.
  4. The display will show flashing symbols.
  5. Repeat the process twice or thrice for better results.

2. Conduct the Fold Test

The electric blankets help to maintain your own body heat. So, your blanket may not feel hot when you touch it. However, it is still working well.

Hence, it can be your misconception that your blanket is not heating while its light is ON. To confirm its functioning, perform the fold test;

  1. Fold your blanket like you normally do to store it.
  2. Now, find the controls in the folded blanket.
  3. Make sure the control cord is connected firmly to the connection module.
  4. Connect the cord by binding the plastic clasps.
  5. Turn ON the power supply and plug the blanket into a working wall outlet.
  6. Set the product at the highest settings.
  7. Wait for 5-7 minutes and place your hand in between the folds.
  8. You should feel the heat if the blanket is working fine.
  9. However, if still, it gives no heat, try the next solution.Electric Blanket Light ON But No Heat

3. Check the Power Supply

An electric blanket comes with a charger and power cord. You have to check these accessories. Maybe they have stopped working. Connect the charger firmly to the power cord and to the outlet.

Moreover, make sure your electric supply outlet has current and power. Try plugging the blanket into a different outlet. Try another charger.

Also, examine the power cord. It should not be damaged, exposed, or frayed out. The blanket must be receiving adequate power.

4. Examine the Heating Wires

An electric blanket has multiple heating wires. They are responsible to heat up your blanket. You have to test all these wires.

Tighten them firmly to ensure proper power supply. If any of the wires are faulty or damaged, replace them. Take help from a Multimeter to test the wires.

5. Check the temperature sensor

A thermostat or temperature sensor regulates the amount of heat in the blanket. If the thermostat starts malfunctioning, your blanket will not heat properly.

You have to cut open the blanket to check this component. Unfortunately, some brands do not offer replacement parts. Hence, you have to replace the whole blanket.

6. Check the Controller

There can be a problem with the controller. Check whether it is displaying everything normally or not. Moreover, you can test the controller using a Multimeter. Check for continuity and voltage.

Open up the controller through a screwdriver. Examine it from the inside and ensure that all wirings are fine. You have to replace the controller if it is not working.

7. Your Blanket Has Expired

If your blanket is more than 5 years older, it may have expired. The normal lifespan of an electric blanket is 3-5 years. Hence, you should consider purchasing a new blanket.

However, before that do try all the troubleshooting tricks given in this article. Your blanket can last longer if you maintain it properly.

Nevertheless, experts recommend not using an old product. Because it is vulnerable to short circuits and damage. So, avoid taking a risk and replace your product.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Electric Blanket

Here are some safety tips that you should keep in mind while using an electric blanket. If you follow them properly, the lifespan of your product can increase significantly;

  • Do not use chemicals for cleaning the blanket. They can damage its heating system.
  • Do not iron your product. Otherwise, its heating mechanism will be destroyed.
  • Keep it away from water and moisture. It is strictly prohibited to use in a water bed.
  • Avoid attaching safety pins or other sharp objects.
  • Protect the blanket from children and pets. Also, avoid using it for sick, elderly, and infants.
  • Turn OFF the product when not in use. Make sure to switch it OFF before sleeping.

FAQs About Electric Blankets

Here are some of the common questions that might be coming to your mind. I will answer your queries satisfactorily.

How to use my electric blanket that no longer works or has expired?

If your electric blanket has stopped working or heating, you can use it as a normal blanket. Make small cuts at both ends of the blanket where the wires end. Now, grab the wires and pull them out. Also, remove the thermostat. Stich the cuts and use the blanket as a normal one.

Is it safe to use an electric blanket?

Electric blankets are safe to use as long as you follow the recommended guidelines. However, sick people, the elderly, infants, and pregnant women should not use them. Sometimes, they can cause burns and short circuits. Moreover, avoid using an old and damaged product.

Is it safe to leave the electric blanket ON all night?

It is not recommended to leave your product ON all night. It is a clear health and safety risk. Get your bed and yourself warm. Then, turn OFF the blanket before you sleep.

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Final Suggestion

Generally, the hardware parts of an electric blanket are not available. Therefore, you cannot repair a faulty component such as a thermostat or controller.

The reason may be the safety risks are high if repair or replacement is unsuccessful. Hence, you should buy a new blanket. But, one thing you can try is consulting the manufacturer.

Do not forget to try each trick given in this guide. Because I have brought the best hacks to fix your electric blanket that has no heat but its light is ON.