Why Are Only Half My Solar Lights Working?-Best Solutions

Solar lights are great for reducing your electricity bill. Sometimes, they start malfunctioning. For example, many users reported that half of their solar lights are not working.

This problem can be caused by a number of reasons. We cannot diagnose the cause immediately. Rather, we have to check and find out the issue.

How I Fix My Bad Solar Lights?

Whenever my solar lights pose a problem, I apply some basic checks and hacks. I prefer to fix them at home instead of calling a technician. In fact, there is no need to call an electrician.

You can fix these small problems at home. But, you should be willing to invest some of your time. This effort will help you a lot in the future.

Because you learn to fix the lights yourself. This saves you money as well as the hassle of calling an electrician. So, let us learn how to fix your solar lights if half of them are bad.

1. Check the Batteries

The most common cause is faulty batteries. They cannot receive solar power or cannot store it. You can confirm this by using other batteries. Put regular disposable AAA batteries in your solar lights.

If all of the lights work, the batteries need replacement. Further, make sure you are using compatible rechargeable batteries.

Solar batteries are rechargeable. Therefore, regular disposable batteries cannot be used permanently. Replace the batteries if they are too old.

Why Are Only Half My Solar Lights Working?-Best Solutions

2. Reposition Solar Panel

Another reason is that batteries do not have enough charge. Because the solar panels are not receiving enough sunlight. In this case, you should reposition the panels so that they can receive maximum sunlight.

Be sure to install the panels in a sunny spot. The lights need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to charge fully.

3. Clean Solar Panels

Dirty solar panels cannot work efficiently. They are vulnerable to dirt build-up due to outdoor exposure. So, clean your solar panels with a soft cloth.

The surface should not be stained or too dirty. Use the mixture of soap and water to wipe out. Hopefully, this trick will improve the situation.

4. Reset Your Solar Lights

A simple reset can also solve the issue. Here is how to reset your solar lights if half are not working;

  1. Find the reset button on your solar string or lamp. It may be located at the bottom.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Read the user manual to learn the exact reset method.
  4. Another way to reset is to turn it OFF and disconnect your lights for a few minutes. Then, reconnect the wires and turn them ON.

5. Charge Fully

Your lights are not fully charged, that’s why half of them are not working. The solution is to deep charge the lights. Turn them OFF and let them charge for 72 hours.

This will supply enough power and storage energy to the battery. Then, turn ON the lights to check whether they work or not.

6. Connect Firmly

Check the wires between your solar lights and solar panels. Reconnect the wires. Make sure everything is plugged in firmly. Loose connections cause power loss. Thus, all of your lights cannot work.

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7. Repair the Wire

Furthermore, check the health of the cables. Damaged, faulty, or broken wires can also lead to such issues. It causes discontinuity of power. The power reaches only half of the lights while another half cannot receive.

Replace the cable with the same gauge or tape the damaged area. Cut the half string that is not working. Join the other cable by electrical tape.

8. Failed LEDs or Panels

Half of your solar string might have failed. Either the cable is defective or the LEDs have gone. The solar string has a number of small LED bulbs. Another reason is that the solar panel has failed.

You should check your lights by connecting to a different solar panel. In this way, you can diagnose which of the two is faulty.

9. Contact Manufacturer

I hope my suggested solutions will fix your lights. However, if they still do not work, kindly contact the manufacturer.

If your solar lights are under warranty, claim replacement. The product has a built-in fault. Therefore, no solution helped.

Do you want to learn more? If yes, read the following questions and answers.

Why do some solar lights stop working too early?

The reason is low quality. You can find some cheap solar lights in the market. Although they work fine yet their lifespan is little. Because the batteries of low-quality products are weak. So, when the batteries cannot charge or hold power, your lights will no longer work.

Can I leave my solar lights ON all night?

Solar lights are made to work at night. They charge during the whole day and glow at night. So, you can leave them ON all night. In the morning, they should charge again.

Is it OK to use regular AA batteries in my solar lights?

Regular AA batteries are disposable. They run for a specific time and then die. While solar lights are equipped with rechargeable batteries. They store sunlight power and supply to the lights. So, it is not a good idea to use AA batteries.

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Final Thoughts

This guide has listed a few important checks and troubleshooting hacks. You are recommended to apply them all if half of your solar lights are not working. Tell us in the comment section if you want to learn more.

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