Brand New Solar Lights Not Working-10 Best Solutions

Solar lights are amazing inventions. You invest only once and enjoy free of cost light. But, what if your brand new solar lights are not working?

Recently, I have added some new solar lamps to my house. But, one of my brand new lights refused to work. I was about to return it.

But, before that, I thought to apply some basic troubleshooting tricks. Fortunately, these hacks worked. In this guide, I will share my experiences with you. Please check the following aspects for solving the problem.

1. Turn ON Correctly

Sometimes, we forget to turn ON our devices or cannot switch them ON correctly. The same may be the case with your lights. Since they are brand new, you may not know the right method to switch ON your lights.

So, read the user manual and instructions. Find the ON/OFF button on your device. It is either located at the back or on the side. Press or toggle the button a few times and see if the light comes ON.

2. Remove the Battery Tab

A number of solar lights come with a pull-tab battery. This tab needs to be removed. Otherwise, the batteries will not work.

Hence, your job is to find the pull tab and remove it. This will activate the battery and it will start storing energy.

Brand New Solar Lights Not Working-The 10 Best Solutions

3. Charge Fully

Brand new solar lights do not have enough power. So, they may come ON for some time or will not turn ON at all. Therefore, you must charge the battery before using it for the first time.

Follow the recommended guidelines. Install your lights in a sunny spot. Let them charge for 8-12 hours.

The power switch should be turned ON while the lights are charging. A green or blue indicator tells you when they are fully charged.

4. Conduct the Darkness Test

Solar lights get charged during the day and turn ON at night. Hence, they will not work in daylight. You can test them by mock darkness. Cover your solar light with your hand or a dark cloth.

The purpose is to block daylight and pretend it is nighttime. If the light works in darkness, it is alright. However, if it does not work, follow the next troubleshooting solutions.

5. Allow Deep Charging

The battery of your brand new solar lights is completely drained out. Hence, it needs more time to charge and work. You can apply the deep charging technique.

Install your lights in full sun and let them charge for 72 hours. Keep the lights turned OFF during deep charging. Cloudy weather can also affect charging time and efficiency. Thus, it takes more time.

6. Clean Your Solar Panel

As you know, solar lights work with sunlight. If the solar panels cannot receive adequate sunlight, the lights will not work. The surface of the panels is covered by dust or debris.

Thus, you should clean the surface. Simply wipe the dirt off with a dry cloth. Rub with a wet cloth if the surface has any stains or marks.

7. Change the Angle

Your solar panels are installed improperly. They are unable to receive maximum sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to position them correctly.

Shift them to a spot where maximum sunlight falls during the day. Moreover, tilt the panels towards the sun. They can get plenty of sunlight if the lights face south.

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8. Remove Light Source

Solar lights are installed with light sensors. When it is dark, they turn it ON automatically. However, if there is a light source near your solar panels, they may not turn ON.

The sensor will consider it daytime. The solution is to switch OFF all other lights near your solar panel. Some lights also have motion detectors.

They turn ON when detecting any motion near them. Set the motion detector dial properly. A wrong message can lead to such an issue.

9. Try a Different Solar Panel

You can test the light on a different solar panel. It will help determine whether the lights or the panels are problematic. I tried this test and my light worked on a different solar panel.

I realized that the panel was faulty. Also, check the connection cable. Make sure you have installed and connected lights correctly.

10. Replace the Batteries

Solar lights use a special type of battery. They are rechargeable and store energy from sunlight. However, you can also put regular AAA batteries.

Use them only for testing purposes. Put fresh AAA batteries in your solar lights to check if they work or not.

If other batteries work, the original batteries are not charged. This way you can test whether the lights are alright or not.

11. Contact the Company

First, you should try all the checks and solutions. If nothing works, your brand new solar lights are faulty. You must consult the company or the dealer from which you purchased the lights.

They should give you a replacement. Always check the warranty while buying the lights. Otherwise, the company or dealer will not accept the claim.

FAQs About Solar Lights

Do you want to learn more about solar lights in a short time? If yes, read the following questions and answers.

How do I test solar lights?

Solar lights can be tested by inserting disposable batteries. Open the back of the panel and remove the rechargeable batteries. Now, install regular AAA batteries. Turn ON your lights and cover with your hand to block light. The lights should come ON. In this way, you can test your solar lights.

Why my solar lights are not working at night?

You can apply the same troubleshooting solutions if your solar lights are not working at night. Please make sure the power cable is connected and not damaged. Turn ON your lights manually and turn OFF any light source near your solar panels. Moreover, check the batteries and replace them if they are dead.

How can I charge solar lights fast without the sun?

Solar lights can be charged by other bulbs if the sun is not available. Place your lights directly under an incandescent or LED bulb. You can use your indoor lamps and bulbs for this purpose. Both should be placed close enough for good charging. This is a fast way to charge your solar lights without the sun.

Should I charge solar lights with a switch ON or OFF?

Solar lights can charge when the switch is OFF. However, you should not switch them OFF without any specific reason. Instead, keep your lights ON. Some solar panels are automatic. They turn ON in dark and remain OFF in daylight.

Why do solar lights stop working?

The most common reason is the dead or drained-out battery. The batteries of solar panels run up to 10 years. After that, the batteries cannot store power and fail to work. Replacing the battery can fix your lights. Other causes include insufficient sunlight, water damage, corrosion, or defective LEDs.

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Final Thoughts

I have described a number of reasons why your solar lights are not working. Moreover, I have also suggested some primary fixes. Be sure to try them before consulting the company. However, if nothing helps, you should contact the dealer as soon as possible.

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