Why Are My LED Lights Green When OFF- Causes and Solutions

This article will fix your LED lights that are green when turned OFF. This situation indicates a few problems. For example, bad connectors or incorrectly soldered joints cause this issue.

There are some other problems too. Fortunately, you can fix them at home. Because I am going to tell you some magic tricks to fix the green lights.

Reasons Behind LED Lights Green When OFF

The reasons can be trivial as well as complicated. Most of the time, the issue is created by the lights. But, in some cases, the culprit is another object. Here are some proven reasons behind green lights;

Cause #1. Defective Diodes

LED lights use diodes for illumination. They are slightly like transistors. If the diodes are defective, the lights will remain green even when turned OFF.

It happens when the transistor or solid state relay shorts in the ON position. If you check the voltage readings with a Multimeter, it will show no current. However, the fault is internal.

Cause #2. Interference by IR Remote

Televisions, speakers, and other devices in our home use Infrared (IR) remote control. The signals from the remote can affect the LED lights.

Most people reported that their lights also respond when they change channels on TV. Hence, you should turn it OFF and remove any remote nearby. Then, check again if the lights appear green or not.

Cause #3. Overvoltage

Overvoltage can also affect your lights. If the lights are connected directly to the power outlet, voltage differences can occur.

In this case, lights have problems draining out. The solution is to install a voltage regulator. It will deliver only the right amount.

Why Are My LED Lights Green When OFF- Causes and Solutions

Fixing the LED Lights Green When OFF

Now, we have known the causes. It is time to find out the solutions. Here are the remedies you can apply to fix the bad lights.

Solution #1. Connect Properly

First of all, you should check the connection of your LED lights. Plug the lights firmly into the outlet or fixture. Sometimes, the wires are mislabeled or wrongly connected.

Make sure the + end of the strip/wire is connected to the + side of the connector. Unplug and re-plug the lights into the power source. Plug the light strips or bulbs into another power supply unit.

Solution #2. Reset LED Lights

A reset is a simple and easy trick. But, most of the time, it works wonders. So, you should reset your LED lights to fix the green issue.

  1. Simply, unplug the lights from the power outlet.
  2. Wait a few minutes and plug them back.
  3. If it is a bulb, remove it from the fixture or holder and reinstall it after a few minutes.
  4. Likewise, you can reset the lights to factory defaults.
  5. Find the reset button on the controller or read the user manual to know the correct procedure.
  6. Moreover, you can reset the lights via the mobile app if they support one.

Solution #3. Check the Controller

A major cause is that the controller of the light has failed. You can check it by trying a different controller at your home. If the other one works, replace the current one.

The light is not faulty rather the controller is malfunctioning. However, if the lights give the same green color even with the other controller, you need to replace your LED light.

Solution #4. Check the External Light Source

It may happen that the green light is coming from another source. Maybe it is a reflection of something that is falling on your lights. Therefore, they look green.

You should check this fact. Notice all objects around your room. Also, observe your LEDs carefully to if they are producing green light or it is coming from an external source.

FAQs About LED Lights

Here are some of the questions you might want to ask. You can also contact us for further queries.

Why do my LED lights turn orange?

LED lights turning orange indicates low voltage or poor electricity supply. It means there is some fault in wiring or power output. Usually, it happens over UPS. So, you should check the voltage regulators and supply channels.

Why LED lights turn blue?

Sometimes, the LEDs turn blue instead of the original color. It indicates a loose wire within the LED lights. Just open up the fixture and check for any loose connections. Moreover, check the quality and supply of your electricity.

What to do if my LEDs turn pink or purple?

If LED lights glow purple instead of their original color, it indicates a problem in the wiring or electricity supply. While if they turn pink, your lights are overheating. Turn them OFF for some time to dissipate heat. Make sure sunlight is not falling directly on the lights. Moreover, remove any nearby heat source and ensure proper ventilation.

How can I prevent my LEDs from burning out?

Chances of burning out increase if you connect LED lights directly to the power source. You should connect a resistor in series between the voltage source and the LED. It is known as the ballast resistor. It is very useful in limiting the current and providing only the required amount.

Why are my new LED lights flickering?

Voltage or output fluctuations cause flickering of the LED lights. It triggers the lights to switch ON and OFF at a very high speed. You should turn OFF the lights for a while. Also, check the circuit breaker.

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Final Words

I hope after reading this article you are able to fix the LED lights if they are green when OFF. I have also included some further questions. You can get help in case of other problems.

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