Whirlpool Dryer not Starting OR Turning ON-Ultimate Guide

The Whirlpool dryer not starting or turning ON is a frustrating issue. However, it can be solved at home with little effort. You just need to apply some simple tricks in the correct way.

The reason I prefer to fix the electronic devices at home is that many a time the issue is minor. A quick checkup of the device can help fix the issue within minutes.

Suppose you call a technician and tell him “my whirlpool dryer is not starting”, he inspects the power cord and plugs it into another outlet and your dryer starts working. Then, what will you feel?

Of course, it’s an embarrassing thing. You will repent that you should have checked these basic things. So, avoid indulging yourself in such a situation.

Just get some basic knowledge of your home appliances and work on them whenever they start malfunctioning. Believe me, this DIY habit proves very helpful.

In this article, I will guide you that how you can troubleshoot your whirlpool dryer that is not starting or turning ON. I will tell you very easy and simple tricks.

1. Check the Power Supply

The first and foremost thing you need to check is the power supply. An electric dryer works on 240V. So, make sure that you have plugged it into a 240V outlet instead of a 120V power supply.

Moreover, plug the power cord firmly into the wall power outlet. Maybe there is a tripped breaker or blown-out fuse. You should reset a tripped breaker by turning it OFF for 30 seconds.

Likewise, replace the fuse if it is blown out. Another important thing is that do not use extensions with your dryer. Because many of the extensions cannot deliver sufficient power to the dryer.

Furthermore, the extension can be faulty or other appliances may be interfering with the dryer. So, connect your whirlpool dryer directly to the electric outlet.

Similarly, if you own a gas dryer, ensure the proper gas supply. Check for any leakage and disconnections along the gas pipelines.

Whirlpool Dryer not Starting

2. Adjust the Whirlpool Dryer Settings

Wrong dryer settings can also cause the issue of the whirlpool dryer not starting or turning ON. Set the control knob at the “Automatic” or “Timed” cycle.

If you select the “Wrinkle Reduction” option, your dryer may not start immediately. Moreover, some dryers have a ‘Child Lock’ or ‘Control Lock’ setting.

If it is enabled, the control panel gets locked and the dryer does not start. On the display, you will see a lock icon with a smiley baby face on it. Disable the ‘Child Lock’ to start your dryer.

Hold the ‘Start’ button for 3 seconds or check the user manual of your dryer to know the exact method.

3. Clean the Dryer Vent and Lint Filter

The dryer vent removes the excess hot air to prevent any accidents. If the vent is blocked, the heat will not dissipate and your dryer may refuse to start.

While the lint filter is responsible to trap the lint before it gets into the vent. It is highly recommended to clean the lint filter before every cycle.

Similarly, the vent should be in proper shape and nothing should obstruct it. If your whirlpool dryer is not turning ON, check the vent and clean it properly. This helps fix the dryer in many cases.

4. Examine the Dryer Door

If the dryer door is not properly closed, it will refuse to start as a safety measure. The door is not firmly closed when you overload the dryer. Sometimes, a cloth traps in the door.

Another reason is that the door latch is loose or the hinges are defective. Push the door gently to check whether it is properly latched or not. The drum light does not go OFF if the door is not closed properly.

In some dryers, the door switch makes a ‘Click’ sound on starting. You should call a professional if you suspect that the door latch is defective.

5. Replace the Thermal Fuse

A blow-out thermal fuse can be the reason your whirlpool dryer is not starting or turning ON. It happens when the dryer is overheated. The thermal fuse trips down or blows out to prevent any accident.

Further, the fuse also blows out due to vent blockage. You can check the thermal fuse through a multimeter. Replace the fuse if it fails the continuity test.

6. Inspect the Dryer Start Switch

One of the common reasons the whirlpool dryer fails to start is the defective ‘Start’ button. When you press the Start switch, your dryer should make a noise.

Otherwise, the switch is defective. It can also be checked through a multimeter. Replacing the switch can immediately solve the problem.

7. Test the Timer

A rare case is the defective timer of the whirlpool dryer. But, it can be diagnosed easily. When you start the dryer, it runs for a few moments and then shuts OFF.

This situation indicates that the timer is defective. Another sign is that the timer feels loose and cannot turn out properly. Use a Multimeter to conduct the continuity test on the timer.

Replacing the timer or ‘Start’ switch does not cost too much. Hence, you can fix your dryer by replacing the timer if it is defective.

8. Broken Dryer Belt

The belt is responsible for rolling the drum of the dryer. It passes over two pulleys and remains stressed. A broken belt is one of the common reasons your dryer is not starting or turning ON.

You should check the belt carefully. Replace it with the new one if it is broken or loose. Some dryers have a switch to cut OFF the power supply to the dryer when the belt breaks.

The motor will work but the drum would not. In this case, you need to read the user manual of your specific whirlpool dryer to get the proper guidelines.

Learn the belt replacement method in my previous article on Samsung dryers.

9. Failed Dryer Motor

Most of the time, a minor component is a reason behind the dryer not starting issue. While it can be a major issue like the defective whirlpool dryer motor.

Once you have checked all the above-mentioned parts, it is time to test the dryer motor. First, make sure that nothing is blocking the motor’s blower wheel.

I noticed this issue with many dryers that something gets stuck in the wheel and it refuses to start. You can check it by removing the belt and also listening to the humming or buzz noise. It indicates that the motor is struggling to start but cannot.

Many users feel curiosity about the functioning of home appliances. You may be eager to know some more things about your whirlpool dryer. Therefore, I have included some of the commonly asked questions here.

How does a whirlpool dryer function?

A whirlpool dryer uses heat to dry out the clothes. It is either an electric dryer or a gas dryer. The electric dryer contains a heating element in the form of a coil. Both types of whirlpool dryers draw in the surrounding air and heat it up using gas or electricity. This hot air then dries out the clothes fast.

Should I hang my clothes after drying them in a whirlpool dryer?

Some clothes are too delicate to bear the heat for a long time. For example, undergarments, silk, jeans, and sweaters may de-shape due to harsh tumbling and too much heat. Therefore, you need to hang them to cool them down. It is better to hang all of your clothes after removing them from the dryer.

How to reset a whirlpool dryer?

A whirlpool dryer can be reset by pressing and holding down the ‘Start’ button for a few seconds. However, some models can be reset through a key combination. A common reset method is to disconnect your dryer from the power supply, wait for 30-60 seconds and plug it again into the power source. Check the user manual of your specific brand to know the exact method.

Where is the fuse located on a whirlpool dryer?

The fuse is generally located at the back of the whirlpool dryer. Remove the back access panel of your dryer. At the bottom of the device, there is an exhaust duct, the thermal fuse is located in its vicinity. It is circular or oval in shape, made of white and black material, and has 2 wire leads in the center. It is mounted on the exhaust duct.

Watch Video to Diagnose Whirlpool Dryer

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of models and brands of whirlpool dryers. However, the basic functioning and design of all the brands are similar. So, you can fix any whirlpool dryer by following my guide.

I recommend you apply all the solutions in the correct order. They will surely fix your issue. Nevertheless, you must read the user manual of your dryer to know the specific troubleshooting methods.

If your whirlpool dryer is still not starting or turning ON, it needs a professional diagnosis and repair. So, you must consult the manufacturer or a professional mechanic.

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