Samsung Moisture Sensor Dryer Not Spinning – How to Fix?

Samsung moisture sensor dryer not spinning is another common problem many users face including me. As you know, machines are prone to different sorts of problems.

Sometimes, these issues are minor and can be solved by applying a simple trick. Personally, I prefer to fix such issues at home. I do not call a technician every time my technical devices start malfunctioning.

Instead, I inspect the gadget and find out the root cause. Then, I do some brainstorming to find out the solutions. Coming to the topic, I would not hesitate to tell you that my dryer also overreacts a number of times.

But, it does not mean that it is a faulty or poor product. Maybe my carelessness or improper handling causes such issues. However, I have found the solution now.

In this article, I will be explaining how can you fix your Samsung moisture sensor dryer that is not spinning. So, stay with me till the last word.

1. Check the Power Supply

The first and foremost thing you should check is the power supply. Make sure your Samsung dryer is plugged into a working power outlet and receives enough voltage. Try to connect it to a different power outlet.

Maybe you are using an extension that is faulty. So, plug the dryer directly into the wall power outlet. Check the control panel of your dryer, it will show error codes if the power is not being delivered.

The error codes are “9C1, 9E, 2E, or 9E1”. A gas driver can work with a 120V power supply but an electric dryer needs 240V. Moreover, check the power cable and switch off your Samsung moisture dryer.

If the cable is worn out or defective, replacing it will fix the issue. Also, look for the tripped breakers in the circuit box of your home. Repair, reset or replace the breakers if they are tripped.

Samsung Moisture Sensor Dryer Not Spinning

2. Adjust Dryer Settings

It can be simply a wrong setting that stops the dryer from spinning. If the control panel is not showing any of the above codes, the issue is not the power supply.

Read the code and look into the user manual to interpret the meaning of the code. Reset your dryer by unplugging it from the power outlet. Plug it back again after a few minutes.

Furthermore, make sure that the dryer settings are adjusted according to the clothing types. For example, if you have put beddings in the dryer, you have to choose the bedding option, not the delicate or normal.

Similarly, if you are choosing any manual drying option, it should be selected correctly. You should read the user guide in detail to comprehend all the functions of your Samsung moisture sensor dryer.

3. Disable the Child Lock

Another reason your Samsung dryer is not spinning is that the child lock is enabled. Observe the panel of the dryer. If it is showing a closed lock sign or babyface smiling, the child lock is turned ON.

This function prevents accidental starts because it locks all the features of the control panel. Thus, the dryer cannot spin or start. Generally, the child lock can be disabled by pressing certain key combinations.

Look carefully towards the bottom of the control panel, 2 or 3 keys are underlined and labeled as ‘Child Lock’. For example, on a Samsung moisture sensor dryer, press and hold the ‘Dryness’ and ‘Temperature’ keys until the lock is opened.

4. Avoid Overloading

Obviously, everyone wants to finish their work as soon as possible. Generally, when we are drying out the clothes, we try to put maximum clothes at once cycle.

However, overloading can cause the dryer not spinning issue. So, try to reduce the number of clothes in the dryer and see if it spins or not.

Another thing you should check is that there is nothing stuck inside the drum roller. For example, it is very common in washers that something is stuck inside the roller.

Once, a button was tucked in my machine roller and it was very hard to remove it. I pulled it out using tweezers but it broke into pieces.

Somehow, I managed to remove it and my machine roller started spinning. Hence, you should also check for this issue in your Samsung dryer.

5. Faulty Door Switch

A defective dryer switch also prevents the dryer from spinning. When the door is closed, the door switch sends the green signal to the control panel that a cycle can start.

However, if the door is not closed properly, the light will remain ON. This indicates that you need to replace the door switch. It is recommended to call a technician or consult Samsung at this stage.

6. Replace the Dryer Belt

A worn-out dryer belt is a common cause many of dryer problems. This can be diagnosed by unusual noises by the dryer such as squealing or thumping.

You can perform a simple test to know whether the belt is broken or not. Try to move and spin the drum with your hand. If it moves easily the belt is broken.

However, if the drum resists spinning and you need to apply force to move it, the belt is in good condition. The belt is worn out due to constant usage.

If it is frayed out or broken, the dryer will stop spinning at all. Hence, you need to examine and replace the belt. Also, check the idler pulley across which the dryer belt passes and spins on the drum. If this pulley is broken, get a replacement.

7. Failed Drive Motor

This is the ultimate reason why your Samsung moisture sensor dryer is not spinning. It can be confirmed by listening to the sounds coming from the dryer.

Click the ‘Start’ button, and a hum or buzz sound indicates that the blower wheel is facing an obstruction. The dryer motor struggles to start but cannot due to some hindrance that may be the broken belt or pulley.

However, if you hear no sound on pressing the ‘Start’ button, the motor has failed. I recommend you to contact Samsung and ask for professional help. The manufacturer can better diagnose the faulty component and replace it.

8. Defective Dryer Parts

There are many components in the dryer machine that work together. If one of the parts malfunctions, the reset also stops working. For example, drum roller, drum bearing, and drum axle are some of the parts that can be defective.

If the drum roller is defective, the clothes come out extremely wrinkled. Further, the lint starts gathering at unusual places in the dryer. You hear unpleasant and loud noises from your dryer such as whining, screeching, or buzzing.

Likewise, drum bearings also wear out after a certain time. Spin the drum roller with your hands, if you hear a grinding or squeal-like sound, the bearings need replacement.

The rattling and thumping sound from the dryer indicates that the drum glides are frayed out. In short, there may be any component that is faulty and causing the issue. If you cannot diagnose the true culprit, call a technician and get your dryer repaired before it gets too late.


Although I have tried to explain everything clearly yet you may have a few more queries. Therefore, I am answering some of the common questions regarding the Samsung moisture sensor dryer.

What is the moisture sensor on the Samsung dryer?

A moisture sensor is responsible to detect the level of moisture in clothes. It is in the form of two metal bars that are located inside the lint filter housing. This component starts and stops the cycle by successfully drying your clothes.

What is the expected lifespan of the Samsung dryer?

A Samsung moisture sensor dryer lasts from 18-24 years. While a washer lives from 12-14 years. However, you can increase the life span of your dryer by handling it properly, cleaning it regularly, and using it carefully.

Which is better, the Samsung gas dryer or the electric dryer?

Both types of dryers are manufactured by Samsung. A gas dryer uses half of the electricity compared to an electric dryer. So, it will save you overall expense. But, if the gas prices are lower and it is constantly available in your area. Otherwise, you should choose the electric dryer. The efficiency of both is the same.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I have helped you in fixing your issue. I added just the simple tricks that can be applied easily at home. However, if you are not confident about diagnosing, repairing, or replacing a faulty component then you must consult a professional.

Because working without enough knowledge can further damage your device. But, minor faults can be addressed at home.

For example, you can check the child lock, settings, door switch, and dryer belt to fix your Samsung moisture sensor dryer if it not spinning at all.

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