10 Tips Jet Pump Not Pumping Water-Troubleshooting Tips

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 09:07 pm

Is your jet pump not pumping water? Do not worry, we are here to solve your problem. It is a common jet pump problem. There may be several reasons that the jet pump is not pumping water. But first, you should have to know about the jet pump.

What Is A Jet Pump?

Jet Pumps is a centrifugal pumps with a nozzle, which works on Bernoulli’s principle. The jet pump is fixed above ground and is non-submersible. They are usually used to pull water from a well through a suction pipe in order to provide potable water or domestic water pressure.

How does A Jet Pump work?

A jet pump works by drawing the water toward the surface instead of pulling it. It is a self-priming pump. This pump creates pressure in the pump’s diffusor and pushes the liquid in it by making a fast liquid jet.

Warnings That Indicate Your Jet Pump Is in Trouble

The jet pump is the most suitable pump for domestic use. But a little carelessness during installation can cause troubles in the working of the jet pump. There are many warning signs about the jet pump not pumping water, which is as follows:

  • The jet pump is pumping air, and water yield is reduced
  • The jet pump is pumping sand or large amounts of sediment
  • Water pressure is low (pressure tank symptoms)
  • Low Voltage/ the power bill has hit the roof
  • Undersized Pipelining
  • Leakage in Pipelining
  • Air lock in section line reduced the water yield
  • Irregular jet pump ON/OFF cycle
  • Low Level of water in well
  • Fault in plug ejector
  • Incomplete prime system
  • Absence of pressure regulator
  • Low-quality Jet Pump

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Jet Pump Not Pumping Water

Most of you will have faced a water shortage at some time. I had also faced this problem. One day I was in a hurry. I was getting ready for the office. As I opened the tap, there was no water in the tap. I switched on my jet pump, but the jet pump was not pumping water. That was a very alarming situation for me.

I urgently called my plumber. My Plumber told me some tips about my jet pump. He finds and resolved my problem. Some of the tips are as follows:

Jet Pump Not Pumping Water-Warning and Troubleshooting Tips

Tip 1: Check If The Voltage Is Low

If there is low voltage the jet pump will not pump water. Must check there should not low voltage.

What to Check?

Check the pressure switch or terminals near the pump with the voltmeter.


If the voltage is low replace the switch and wiring to provide full voltage to the jet pump for pumping water. But if there is the full voltage as the jet pump needed and proper wiring then calls the company to solve the problem.

Tip 2: Replace Undersized Pipelining

If the system’s water delivery is low, the discharge piping and or plumbing lines may be undersized.

What To Check?

Check if the size of the water pipeline is according to the capacity of the jet pump.


If there is undersized pipelining, replace it within no time. Because you will receive low water or no water till the size of the pipelines is not according to the system or jet pump.

Tip 3: Rearrange The Section Lines

If the jet pumps not pumping water, an air lock may form. Air can lock in the section line. This air space blocked the path of water and the jet pump cannot be able to pump water.

What To Check

Check the horizontal pipeline between the well and the jet pump.


Rearrange the pipelining to escape the air vacuum which locked the water’s path.

Tip 4: Shift Equipment From Low Level To Deep Level

Sometimes due to the usage of water or other reason the level of the well becomes low, so the jet pump doesn’t pump water properly.

What To Check

Shut off the pump and permit the well to recover.  Restart the pump and check if delivery drops after continuous operation.


If the level of the well became low, it’s time to shift the equipment. Use the tailpipes to draw water from the low level or use the deep well equipment instead of the shallow well level.

Tip 5: Properly Set The Pressure Regulating Valve

There is a pressure-regulating valve in every water pump, which maintains the pressure in the pump. If the jet pump is not pumping water the reason may be that the regulating pump is not working properly or it is stuck.

What To Check

Check the valve setting. Check if there is any defect in the pressure regulating valve.


If the pressure-regulating valve is defective, replace or repair the valve. If there is any improper valve setting, rearrange the setting.

Tip 6: Re-prime The System

If the system is not completely prime the jet pump will not pump water.

What To Check

If the jet pump is not pumping water check the pipelining and prime of the jet pump.


Re-prime the system, if the system is incompletely prime.

Tip 7: Re-Install The Ejector

An ejector pump is a pump that ejects wastewater from a lower level where gravity cannot do the job. If the ejector is not clean or the ejector is not installed properly the jet pump does not pump water.

What To Check

Inspect the ejector and check it is clean and working properly.


Clean the ejector if the ejector is dirty. Re-install the ejector if the ejector is not installed properly.

Tip 8: Clean Or Replace The Foot Valve or Strainer

Partial clogging in the foot valve will reduce water delivery. Full clogging will result in no water flow.  A defective foot valve may cause the pump to lose its prime, resulting in no delivery.

What To Check

Check if the foot valve is clogged or not. Check if there is any defect in the foot valve or not.


If the foot valve is dirty or clogged, clean the dirty strainer or valve. Replace or repair the defective strainer.

Tip 9: Replace the worn part of the Jet Pump

If any part of the jet pump is worn or defective, the jet pump will not pump water.

What To Check

Check all parts of the jet pump.


If there is any defective part, urgently replace the part of the pump.

Tip 10: Tight The Ground Connections

Install a pressure gauge on the suction side, On the shallow well units. Attach a pressure gauge to the pump On deep well systems.  Close the discharge line valve.  Then, apply about 30 psi pressure to the system using a bicycle pump or air compressor. there is a leak on the suction side If the system will not hold this pressure when the compressor is shut off. 

What To Check

Check if there is any leakage on the suction side of the system.


Repair or Replace the leaked part of the pipe. Make sure that all the ground connections are tight or working properly.

Jet Pump FAQS

Here is a solution to your confusion about the jet pump not pumping water. The answer to your questions are as follows:

How do I know if my Jet pump is clogged?

A clogged jet pump has to work harder than usual. The clogged jet pump draws more power, causing a sudden, inexplicable surge in your electricity bills.

Can I repair my Jet pump?

Yes, most of the jet pumps are repairable.

How long does a water pump run without water?

The jet pump runs only for 40-60 seconds if the pump runs dry.

Why my jet pump runs continuously?

If the jet pump runs continuously, it means it has lost its prime.

How long do jet pumps last?

The jet pumps last for more than 20 years.

How often do pumps need to be maintained?

You should maintain the pump after every 1-2 years.

Can we run the jet pump 24/7?

Yes, technically you can run the jet pump 24/7, but it will shorten the lifespan of the pump.

What is a foot valve?

A foot valve is a valve that allows water to flow in one direction.

Why my jet pump overheats?

If the jet pump losses its prime, the water inside the jet pump gets heated.

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Final Thoughts

If your jet pump is not pumping water, there may be many reasons. Instead of worrying about the problem, we should focus on the solutions, and hopefully, this article solves your problem.