LED Lights Turn Red Instead of Turning OFF- 8 Troubleshooting Hacks

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 07:39 pm

Many users report a frustrating issue with their LED lights. The lights turn red instead of turning OFF. The lights never go OFF. But, continues glowing red. So, you feel very uncomfortable.

The problem does not seem to go away. I would help you to get out of this situation. Kindly read the full article to fix your LED lights.

Solution #1. Disconnect Power

Unplug your LED lights directly from the power outlet. If it is a bulb, remove it from the fixture. Wait a few moments and then connect the power again.

Repeat the process a few more times. Hopefully, it will help. Because this method will drain out the power from your lights.

Solution #2. Check the Switch and Dimmer

A bad Mosfet or LED dimmer can also lead to such a problem. Mosfet is the semiconductor that is used to switch ON/OFF the lights. While dimmer is used to control the brightness.

If these accessories are faulty, you can face the issue of red light. So, make sure the switch is working fine and the dimmer is compatible. Otherwise, replace the bad part.

Solution #3. Replace the Connectors

A bad connector also causes the issue that your lights turn red. Good quality LEDs come with a connector. LED strips are joined together with the help of the connector.

Loose connections create such problems. So, you should check the joints and connect them properly. Solder the strips again at the linking points.

LED Lights Turn Red Instead of Turning OFF- 8 Troubleshooting Hacks

Solution #4. Check the Controller

Modern LED strip lights work with a remote controller or a mobile app. When you hit the OFF button on the remote or the app, the lights turn red instead of going OFF.

It indicates that the remote or app is not functioning properly. Sometimes, the OFF button in the app is meant to turn them red. Update the mobile app of your LED lights.

Reset your remote by removing its batteries. Moreover, replace the batteries of the remote with fresh ones. Now, check again if the issue persists or not.

Solution #5. Check Voltage Supply

High voltage is another reason for the lights to turn red instead of going OFF completely. Makes sure the power supply is according to the requirements.

The lights can store power if they receive high voltage. So, do not plug the lights into a circuit on which heavy electronic appliances are running.

Check the user manual and packaging of your lights to confirm the power needed. Next, check the voltage supply to your lights through a Multimeter.

Solution #6. Reset Your LED Lights

Resetting is a great option. It will remove faulty settings and will restore your device to factory defaults. Hence, if there is any glitch, it will be removed.

Some lights have a reset button. You just need to press it for a few seconds. While you can also reset the lights via the mobile app.

Another option is to reset via the remote controller. Kindly consult the user manual to know the right process for your brand.

Solution #7. Test the Wiring

One of hate major reasons is faulty wiring. Especially, the ground wiring is wrong. Therefore, when you turn OFF the lights, still some current flows and lights them up.

It happens when the isolation between the lights is improper. So, you have to call an electrician for a complete checkup of the wiring at your house.

Solution #8. Test Your LED Lights

If nothing works, your LED lights are defective. Try to use the lights in another location/room of your house. If the issue also occurs on other circuits, the lights are definitely defective.

The fault can be built-in or has been developed afterward. So, you should replace the lights and buy from a trusted brand. If they are under warranty, contact the manufacturer to claim repair or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have further questions in your mind. Read the following common queries about LED lights.

What to do if my LED lights are stuck on one color?

Make sure you are not pressing the same color button. The color will reach its peak value if you are doing this. Use the reverse button to solve the problem. Also, check the remote control is programmed correctly. Moreover, reset your LED lights. Check the contact points and link firmly.

How to fix overheating LED lights?

Light overheat when your room does not have proper ventilation. So, open the windows and doors to let in the cool breeze. Turn OFF the heater or any other heat source. Moreover, you can turn ON the fan, chiller, or AC to decrease the temperature. Ensure proper airflow all the time to avoid such issues.

How do I know if my LEDs are going bad?

Bad LEDs give too dim light. Their brightness and lumen output is decreased. It generally happens when the lights are about to end their natural lifespan. Sometimes, new LEDs also get dim due to poor quality or improper power supply.

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Final Words

It can be a bad controller or connector that turns the lights red. Moreover, faulty wiring can also cause the LED lights to turn red instead of turning OFF. I suggest you apply all the solutions to fix the problem.