Why LED Christmas Lights Not Working: 7-Fixtures

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 07:40 pm

LED lights are wonderful. They make your events magnificent by adding colors. But, it is annoying if your LED Christmas lights are not working.

So, it is necessary to fix them. Otherwise, you cannot decorate your tree and home. I will suggest you some magic tricks to fix your lights. Just stay with me till the end of this article.

1. Check the Wire

The terminal wires of your LED lights may be broken or faulty. Inspect the whole wire and look for faults, exposed areas, and damaged parts.

Wrap the electrical tape to cover the exposed areas. If the wire is too damaged, replacing it can solve the issue.

2. Secure Connections

Another reason is that the lights are not plugged in securely. First, check the wall power outlet. It should be delivering current and proper voltage.

Plug your Christmas LEDs firmly into the outlet. Try a different power source. Moreover, secure the lights in the sockets. If they are loosely installed, the lights cannot work.

3. Clean the LEDs

Dusty or corroded lights also fail to work normally. So, clean the whole string of your Christmas light. Look if any LED has corrosion or rust.

Remove the rust using WD-40. However, consider replacing the lights if the rust is too much. Put dielectric grease in the sockets to prevent corrosion.

LED Christmas Lights Not Working- Fix Like A Pro

4. Examine Your Christmas LEDs

The problem can be in the lights. You have to check each LED separately. Make sure the prongs are in good contact with the socket. Fix the misaligned prongs.

If one of the lights is bad, the whole string can fail to work. Any of the lights may be fused or shorted. I am going to tell you the easiest way to confirm the bad bulb.

Just pull out the suspected LED from its socket. Put a new and working bulb in its place. If the new bulb works, you have identified the faulty one.

5. Discard Bad Lights

Sometimes, half of the Christmas lights work while the other half do not work. This happens because a few lights have failed. In this case, you can cut the failed lights from the string.

Discard all the bad lights. Now, join the working lights together to make a whole string. This is an effective way. Because a few failed lights stop the entire string from working. Learn the method here.

6. Fix the Bad Shunt or Fuse

Blown-out fuse or bad shunt also creates this problem. In Christmas lights, shunts are small wires wrapped beneath the filament. It lets the current pass through the circuit.

A dark area on the string indicates a faulty shunt. Likewise, check the fuse of the male plug. If the fuse is blown, replace it with the new one.

Also, check the circuit breaker in the main panel of your house. Reset or replace the tripped circuit breaker.

7. Replace the Lights

Mostly, the issue is in the power source or in the light itself. Try the basic troubleshooting tricks that can fix the problem. However, if nothing helps then your Christmas lights have failed. So, you have to replace them.

Purchase new strings to decorate your home. But, store them in a cool and dry place after using them. The lights fail when we do not store them properly for use next year. Thus, protecting them from dust and moisture.

FAQs About Christmas Lights

Read the following frequently asked questions to get more help regarding the LED lights.

Why do Christmas LED lights fail so early?

The major reason is poor maintenance. People tend to throw the lights in the attic when they are not in use. They get damaged due to heat, moisture, and dirt. So, instead of living their natural lifespan, the LEDs die earlier. They are known to last up to 75,000 hours.

How much do Christmas LEDs cost?

Running 10 strings of LED lights adds around $2 to your electricity bill. You can keep them turned ON the whole night. They do not consume too much power like incandescent lights.

What color looks the best for Christmas lights?

Warm white is the best and most popular color for Christmas lights. It adds elegance, ambiance, and glimmer, and gives a magical look. Warm white is not only suitable for decorating the tree but also for the top of your home. Silver and gold, red and green are also favorites. However, you can also add other colors of your choice.

Is it worth using LED lights for Christmas?

Yes, in fact, LED lights are always worth buying and using. They save energy and cost as compared to traditional lights. They do not blow out or fail frequently. If you store them safely, your LED Christmas lights will run lifetime.

Can I install LED Christmas lights outside?

Yes, you can install LEDs anywhere in your house. But, for outdoors, you need entirely waterproof lights. They can resist water and moisture and are safe to use outdoors. Moreover, they do not get overheated even after several hours.

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Final Suggestion

I hope your LED Christmas lights are now working. Kindly contact the dealer if they are new or under warranty. Otherwise, replace the failed lights. Be sure to store them securely for avoiding any damage in the future.