Kenmore 90 Series Dryer Not Heating-Quick Hacks

Do you own an old Kenmore 90 series dryer and it is not heating up? Don’t worry, your dryer will tease you no more. Because this article has come up with the best troubleshooting tricks.

I have dealt with a Kenmore 90 series dryer that has stopped heating up. It was an older dryer. Some of its parts failed due to continuous usage.

Nevertheless, overall it was in good condition. I replaced the worn-out component and the dryer started working like a new one. It did not cost the owner much.

The same may be the case with your dryer. Besides hardware problems, there can be some petty issues. So, we will start troubleshooting your Kenmore dryer from the basic steps.

1. Test the Power Supply

Make sure the power cord is plugged firmly into the electric power outlet. Further, check the voltage of the receptacle. The terminals should read 220-240VAC.

Also, check the circuit breakers at your home. If any of the breakers are tripped, reset them. You should also check the voltage at the terminal block located at the back of the dryer.

Another thing is the voltage supply. An electric dryer needs 220V while the gas dryer can run on 110V.

2. Reset Your Kenmore 90 Dryer

Temporary issues can be resolved by resetting the dryer. The process is as follows;

  1. Unplug your dryer from the wall power outlet.
  2. Leave it for 10-30 minutes or until it cools down.
  3. Now, plug the power cord back into the power supply.
  4. Finally, turn ON the dryer and check if it is heating or not.

3. Clean the Vents

A heating problem occurs when you do not clean the dryer vents for a long time. The vents get blocked and the appliance receives no ventilation. As a result, it overheats and stops working.

Therefore, you have to clean the lint screen and filter before or after every cycle. Wash off the lint screen with soap and water. Moreover, deeply clean the vents and exhaust duct.

Unplug your dryer and detach the exhaust duct from its back. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove all the lint from inside the duct.

Feel the airflow from the exhaust outside your home. There should be a forceful airflow from the duct if it has no clogs. Always keep the exhaust pipe straight and short to ensure proper ventilation.

Kenmore 90 Series Dryer Not Heating

4. Check the Heating Element

The most probable reason is that the heating element of your dryer has failed. It is a coil that ignites to heat the air. If the coils are broken or defective, the dryer will stop heating.

This part is located either on the right panel or at the back of the dryer. You can identify its location relevant to the lint filter screen.

The heating element can be found at the back of the dryer if the lint filter is present on the top. While if the lint filter is in the dryer door, the heating element can be found under the drum.

Use a multimeter to check the resistance of the heating element. Also, examine it physically and replace it if it is damaged.

5. Test the Hi-Limit Thermostat

Adjacent to the heating element is another component called the Hi-Limit thermostat and TCO (thermal cut out). It regulates the heating process in the dryer.

If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it will send incorrect signals. Hence, the dryer will perceive that no more heat is required to dry out the clothes.

While the clothes are still wet. So, replace both the TCO and thermostat if they have failed. But, consult a professional technician first to avoid any misconception.

6. Examine the Gas Valve Solenoid

This test applies to the Kenmore 90 Series gas dryer. The gas dryer has gas valve solenoids. They allow the gas to flow to the igniter.

Faulty valves will not let the gas pass through. As a result, the igniter will not burn and the dryer will stop heating.

Turn ON your dryer and start a cycle. Now, observe the igniter carefully whether it glows continuously or not. Replace the gas valve solenoids if they are defective.

7. Check the Igniter and Flame Sensor

Igniter burns the gas while the flame sensor regulates heat. Both these elements can go faulty. Therefore, your gas dryer is not heating up.

You can test these parts using the Multimeter. Also, inspect them for any signs of damage. Replace the defective component with the help of a technician.

8. Contact Kenmore

If you are unable to diagnose the cause, contact Kenmore. The manufacturer can guide you correctly. Also, read the user manual of your dryer to find out some helpful tips.

Tell your problem to the company and request technical assistance. A customer care technician will come to your home for fixing the dryer. However, do not forget to apply the solutions mentioned in this guide.

FAQs About Kenmore 90 Series Dryer

I have included some of the questions that are frequently asked by Kenmore users. Hopefully, they will help you further in this regard.

Where is the model number on my Kenmore 90 series dryer?

The model number is written on a sticker. It can be located near the dryer door opening. The model number can also be found on the bottom left or right. While some Kenmore dryers have model number stickers on the top.

How old is my Kenmore dryer, how to know its age?

The manufacturing date is hidden in the serial number. The first letter of the serial number indicates the month while the second letter is the year. By reading the serial number, you can calculate how old is your dryer.

Is it worth repairing my Kenmore dryer or should I replace it?

It is worth spending on minor issues or component replacements. For example, if you have to replace the thermal fuse, door switch, belt, timer, etc. But, if your dryer motor, heating element, or mainboard get failed, think before repairing. Purchase a new dryer instead of spending more than 50% of the original cost.

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Final Suggestion

I want my followers to learn self-reliance. Therefore, I write these DIY guides. I always share my personal experiences and solutions.

My purpose is to help you fix your appliances at home. At least, you should be able to diagnose the issue. Learn to fix the minor problems yourself instead of paying a mechanic.

Some bad mechanics take a heavy fee for a trivial defect. So, patiently follow this guide to fix the heating issue in your Kenmore 90 series dryer.

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