Fixing a Iniu Wireless Charger Not Working.

In this age of rapid technological advancement, wireless charging has become a convenience that many of us rely on for our devices. However, what happens when your Iniu wireless charger stops working?

This article aims to guide you through the common issues that may cause your Iniu wireless charger to malfunction and provides solutions to get it up and running again.

Understanding the Basics of Iniu Wireless Chargers

Before we dive into troubleshooting, let’s briefly understand how Iniu wireless chargers work. These chargers use electromagnetic fields to transfer power from the charger pad to your device without the need for cables.

This technology is not only convenient but also efficient when it’s working correctly.

Common Issues and Solutions

1. Charger Not Plugged In Properly

Check the power source

If your Iniu wireless charger is not working, the first thing to do is ensure it’s correctly plugged into a power source. Sometimes, a loose connection or a faulty outlet can be the root of the problem.

2. Incompatible Device

Check device compatibility

Ensure that your device is compatible with the Iniu wireless charger. Not all devices support wireless charging, so double-check your device’s specifications.

3. Obstructions on the Charging Pad

Clear the charging area

Sometimes, debris or foreign objects on the charging pad can disrupt the charging process. Clean the pad and ensure it’s free from any obstructions.

Iniu Wireless Charger Not Working

4. Phone Case Interference

Remove the phone case

Metal or thick phone cases may prevent wireless charging. Try charging your device without the case to see if it works.

5. Software or Firmware Issues

Update your device

Outdated software or firmware on your device can cause charging problems. Ascertain that your device is up to date.

6. Overheating

Let your device cool down

Wireless charging can generate heat. Your smartphone may stop charging if it becomes too hot in order to avoid damage. Allow it to cool for a while.

7. Faulty Charger or Cable

Test with a different charger

Try charging your device with a different charger and cable to determine if the issue lies with the charger itself.

8. Charging Port Issues

Inspect the charging port

Check your device’s charging port for any damage or debris that might prevent a secure connection.

9. Wireless Charger Placement

Proper placement

Ensure your device is placed correctly on the charging pad. A misaligned device won’t charge effectively.

10. Check Indicator Lights

Pay attention to indicator lights

Most Iniu wireless chargers have indicator lights. Check these lights for any error codes or issues indicated in the user manual.

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Q1: Is wireless charging slower than using a cable?

A: Wireless charging can be slightly slower, but it offers convenience and eliminates the need for cables.

Q2: Can I use any charger with my Iniu wireless charger?

A: It’s best to use the charger and cable that came with your Iniu wireless charger for optimal performance.

Q3: My phone gets warm when wirelessly charging. Is that normal?

A: Yes, some heat generation is normal during wireless charging, but it should not overheat.

Q4: Why is my wireless charger making a buzzing sound?

A: A slight buzzing sound can be normal due to the electromagnetic fields used in wireless charging.

Q5: Do I need to remove my phone case every time I charge wirelessly?

A: You may need to remove a thick or metal phone case, but thinner cases usually don’t interfere with wireless charging.


Iniu wireless chargers provide a convenient way to charge your devices, but issues can arise from time to time. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can often resolve the problem and get your charger working again.

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