How to Reset Your LED Lights Remote- Top 3 Methods

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 07:39 pm

It becomes a headache when your LED light remote stops working. But, do you know the problem can be solved if you reset your led lights remote?

However, the next question is how to reset the LED remote control. Most users do know the correct method. So, their controller fails to respond even after resetting.

I know multiple methods of resetting an LED remote. In this guide, you will learn all the ways how to Reset Your LED Lights Remote. Try them all one by one and your issue will be solved.

Why Your LED Remote is not Working?

One of the major causes is that the batteries of your remote are dead. Another reason is improper pairing. The controller is not paired with the lights.

Because you did not follow the correct instructions. Moreover, there can be a software glitch. But, resetting can solve all the issues.

When to Reset Your LED Light Remote?

When your remote stops working at all, you should reset it. A reset is also required when your lights behave abnormally. Some other conditions also require a proper reset.

For example when the lights respond slowly or start flickering. Certain commands do not work and lights show no response.

Briefly speaking, any problem in operating the LED lights or the controller can be solved by a reset.

How to Reset Your LED Light Remote

There are three proven methods for a reset. I will detail all the ways here.

Method 1: Quick Reset

I am going to tell you a quick reset method. It works for all types of remotes. Moreover, this method is very effective. So, let us try;

  1. Open the cover of your remote to expose the batteries. Usually, the batteries are inserted at the back.
  2. You have to remove the batteries completely.
  3. Now, press and hold the Power or ON/OFF button on the remote for 15 seconds.
  4. This trick discharges the retained power. Finally, put the batteries in again and try the device.
  5. If the batteries are old, please buy and insert the new ones.
How to Reset Your LED Lights Remote- Top 3 Methods

Method 2: Hard Reset

Sometimes, the remote becomes stubborn. It does not work or the lights do not respond to commands at all. In this case, a hard reset is necessary. The process is as follows;

Step #1. Locate the Button

First, locate the “Reset” button on your remote control. It can be found on the back or the side. It is a tiny hole, not a usual button. You can recognize it by the label “Reset”.

Step #2. Reset

You cannot press the button with your finger. So, use a paperclip, a pen, or a smart object that can be inserted into the hole.

Push the button by inserting the object into the hole. You will hear or feel a click if the button is pressed successfully.

Step #3. Test

Keep the button pressed for 3 seconds. Now, check the remote by turning ON the lights. Test all the buttons and functions. Change color and mode, adjust brightness, and switch lights ON/OFF.

Method 3: Factory Reset

If the two methods fail, try a factory reset. However, this function will reset the remote fully like it was brand new. So, you have to pair and customize it again with the lights.

  1. Locate the factory reset button at the back or side of the remote.
  2. Your remote control should be ON.
  3.  Take a paperclip or pen and insert it into the tiny reset hole.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds or until the LED light flash on the remote.
  5. Now, remove the batteries and wait for 1-5 minutes. Insert the batteries again. Reprogram it with your LED lights and check the functioning.
  6. The pairing method varies across different brands. So, you must read the user manual to know the exact process.

FAQs About LED Light Remote

Do you have some more queries? Read the following section answering your frequently asked questions.

Can I operate my LED light without a remote?

Yes, but you will not get all the control features with other options. One way is to install a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of the lights. Another option is to install microcontrollers. But, they only turn the lights ON/OFF under certain conditions. The best way is to use the official mobile app or a universal app to control your LED light without a remote.

How to reset LED lights without a remote?

Simply, unplug the LED light adapter from the power source. Wait for 1-2 minutes and replug the adapter. Another way is to reset via the mobile app if your light supports any app. Some universal apps are also available such as “LED Strip Remote” and “RGB LED Remote”.

Can I use any remote to control my LED light strips?

LED light remotes are dedicated and specially designed. Therefore, you cannot use any remote such as a TV controller. You should always use the compatible remote provided with the lights or buy from the same brand. However, in case of an emergency, you can use the remote from some other LED strip brand if it works.

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Final Words

This guide has elaborated on 3 ways to reset your LED light strip remote. Hopefully, they will work effectively. Try each method correctly. Further, you can also repeat each method twice or thrice.