How to Fix Discolored LED Strip Lights- The Best 9 Hacks

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 07:39 pm

Are you wondering why your LED light strips appear discolored? It sounds odd but discoloring is a real problem with the strips. However, you can fix such lights very easily.

This issue arises on the basis of various reasons. However, the most common causes are poor ventilation and voltage fluctuations.

What I Did with My Discolored LED Lights

Last year, I installed some new LED strips in my home. But, they started fading out only after a few months. I thought the strips have failed. So, I should replace them.

I went to the nearby electronics store with the intention to buy new strips. By chance, I discussed the problem with an electrician there. He asked some questions and suggested I try some remedies.

I was reluctant to try because I believed nothing can fix those discolored lights. Even though I bought new strips yet my curiosity intrigued me.

I searched on the internet to find out some of the reasons behind the pro

blem. After reviewing a few articles and watching videos, I decided to apply the hacks suggested by the electrician.


To my astonishment, those tricks worked. Surely, you are eager to know the reasons and tricks I used to fix the bad lights.

Why Your LED Strips Discolor?

LED strips fade out thus not giving full brightness. A few common reasons behind discoloration are;

  • Voltage fluctuations- low or high voltage and abnormal current flow
  • Blackouts or brownouts- extreme drop in power output due to problems in the electrical grid or tripped circuit breaker
  • Increase in temperature- The internal components get affected by overheating
  • Poor ventilation- The lights cannot dissipate heat properly and do not cool down
  • Built-in manufacturing faults- Errors that occur during the manufacturing process, low-quality material, or technical faults
  • Paint or moisture build-up in circuits- Paint can leak into the circuits if wiring is exposed. Moisture also corrodes the internal parts.How to Fix Discolored LED Strip Lights- The Best 9 Hacks

Fixing the Discolored LED Strips

Based on the cause, you can fix the lights. However, you have to apply more than one troubleshooting solution. Here are the best solutions in this regard.

Solution #1. Clean the LED Strips

Although we do not notice yet dust settles down on your lights. Because they are at height, so, we do not clean them regularly. However, dust, debris, and moisture build-up can also lead to discoloration.

Be sure to unplug the strips from the power source. All you need to do is to clean your strips with a soft and dry cloth.

Then, wet the cloth with a standard glass cleaning solution or warm water and rub the strips carefully. You can also use rubbing alcohol for this purpose. But, avoid using harsh chemicals.

Solution #2. Use Compatible Power Supply

Always use the recommended power supply source. Plugging the strips into a low or high-voltage outlet can cause discoloration. Moreover, use the compatible adapter and power cable.

Connect your LEDs to a different power outlet. Do not put in the circuit that has heavy appliances. Further, test the power outlet to whether it is working properly or not.

Solution #3. Secure the Connections

A loose connection between your LED strips and power source can also lead to fading issues. Make sure the light strips are connected firmly to each other.

Check the soldered points and connectors. Insert the strips firmly into the connectors. Further, check the connection of the strips with the power cable and adapter.

Plug the adapter tightly into the wall outlet. In short, you have to secure the connections from A to Z.

Solution #4. Check Voltage Fluctuations

Also, notice voltage fluctuations. It can be checked by turning ON other electrical appliances at your home. If they appear dim, the voltage is low.

For example, a fan runs slow and a water pump does not turn ON if the voltage is low. Further, you can check it via the Multimeter.

In many homes, the main electrical panel has a volt meter that displays a voltage reading.

Solution #5. Fix Overheating

Overheating is one of the major causes of discolored lights. The strips get too hot when they remain turned ON for a long time. So, the internal components start malfunctioning.

Direct sunlight aggravates the situation further. Any heat source in the room such as a wall heater can heat them further. So, you have to fix the heating issue and ensure proper ventilation.

Solution #6. Check LED Strip Quality

You will find a lot of LED lights brand in the market. However, all of them are not reliable. Some companies produce poor-quality lights using cheap materials.

Hence, these lights fail too early. Check the manufacturer’s reputation in the market. If your LEDs are of low quality, replacing them is the only solution. But, this time is sure to buy from a trusted company.

Solution #7. Test the Wiring

The internal wiring of your home is incorrect. A wire is broken or missed. You should call an electrician who can check the wiring thoroughly.

Moreover, be sure to follow the wiring diagram mentioned on your lights. If the wiring of your home is too old, it can get damaged.

In this case, you have to replace the worn-out wires. Because bad wires cannot deliver enough current and your LED strips discolor.

Solution #8. Install A Dimmer Switch

Most modern LED strips are dimmable. They come with a dimmer switch. Some strips can be controlled by a mobile app. So, you have to check the dimming function in the app.

Install a dimmer switch according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can increase or decrease the brightness with this switch.

Solution #9. Claim Warranty

If lights do not get better with any trick, you should consult the seller. First, check the warranty of your strips. Some companies give a 90 days warranty. While others can give a 1-year claim warranty.

You can return the strips if you have the original packaging and receipt. The company will give you a replacement. Try to buy the lights from the original store by a renowned company.

Tip to Prevent LED Strips from Discoloration

Following are some useful tips to prevent discoloration;

  • Do not install your LED strips near a metal object or heat source. Protect the lights from direct sunlight.
  • Switch OFF your LED strips when you go out of home for an extended period.
  • Always check the warranty and quality of the strips before purchasing.
  • Avoid putting LED strips on porches, patios, and decks. Because moisture and weather conditions can damage them easily.
  • Apply a protective coating on the lights if they are vulnerable to paint and chemical leakage.
  • Clean the lights regularly. But, do not use harsh chemicals or liquids.

FAQs Regarding LED Strips

Do you have some more queries? Read the following section answering your frequently asked questions.

Why my LED strips have turned yellow?

The colored coating of the strips may be diminishing. Therefore, they appear yellow. Other reasons include intense heat or moisture. Moreover, frequent touching can also discolor the lights due to natural oils.

Can I use a regular dimmer switch for my LED strip lights?

You cannot use a regular dimmer switch. If you install it, it will not work properly. So, you need to use the special dimmer switches designed for LED lights.

Can the bulbs in LED strips be replaced?

LED strip bulbs are not like common LED bulbs. Replacing them is not an easy task or even impossible. Because they are integrated into the strips. Instead, you can replace the damaged part of the strip. Join the new part by soldering an iron or by a connector.

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Final Words

Sometimes, you cannot figure out the root cause in a second. So, you have to try all the potential solutions to fix the discolored LED light strips. I made sure to describe each and every hack. Hopefully, they will work for you.