How To Change 2 Pin Fluorescent Light Bulb-A Quick Guide for All Types

Many old-built homes still have traditional 2-pin bulbs. You may want to change a 2-pin fluorescent light bulb. But, do not know the method.

Do not worry. Because I will explain to you the process of changing your bulb. In fact, it is very simple and easy. So, let us learn.

Changing the 2-Pin Fluorescent Bulb

You can replace a 2-pin bulb with the same bulb. In addition, you can also in

stall a screw bulb in a 2-pin socket. First, we will learn about changing the 2-pin bulb.

Step 1: Turn OFF the Power

The first important step is to turn OFF the power to your bulb socket. Beca


use there is a risk of electrical shock if power is switched ON.

Step 2: Remove the Bulb Socket

A socket is attached to the light bulb. Turn it counterclockwise to remove. L


ook carefully if it has a tab or notch on the side. It can be removed by turning the tab.

Otherwise, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the side of the socket. Some sockets may have screws. So, open the screws to remove the socket.

How To Change 2 Pin Fluorescent Light Bulb-A Quick Guide for All Types

Step 3: Take out the Bulb

After removing the socket, take out the bulb. Press the bulb a little downwards. Now, twist it counterclockwise. The pins will come out of the fixture.

Step 4: Dispose of the Old Bulb

Be sure to dispose of the bulb properly. You should wrap it in a plastic bag before putting it into the trash. Another safe way is to deposit it at a local hazardous household collection center.

Step 5: Install the New Bulb

Put the new fluorescent bulb in the socket. Press it down and turn clockwise. The pins should fit in the socket. You should ensure the fitting by observing carefully.

Step 6: Reinstall the Bulb Socket

Now, reinstall the socket in its place. Fit it properly and then move clockwise. Now, turn ON the power and enjoy the new light.

Changing the 2-Pin T8 Fluorescent Tube Light

In addition to bulbs, there are 2-pin fluorescent tube lights. They are in the shape of a long rod with a one-inch diameter. The length varies from 4-8 feet. This type of tube light can be replaced by the following method.

Step 1: Switch OFF Power

Do not forget to switch OFF the power before performing any action. Current stored in the light can shock you. So, turn off the power source or the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Remove the Old Tube

The tube light is installed in a fixture. It has contact pins at both ends. Move the tube counterclockwise. Now, pull it downwards to remove it from the socket. Be careful while removing.

Step 3: Measure the Length of the Light

The next step is to measure the length of the tube light. You have to purchase a new one of the same length and category. Otherwise, it will not fit in the socket. Measure the length of the tube from end to end.

Step 4: Clean the Socket

Sockets are prone to dust build-up and corrosion. So, you should examine them before installing a new light. Clean the socket with a soft cloth to remove any dirt.

Apply the sandpaper if any of its areas are corroded. Clean the contact points properly.

Step 5: Install the New Tube Light

To install, do the reverse of uninstallation. First, insert each end pin into the socket. Now, rotate the tube clockwise to lock it.

Make sure the pins are fitted properly. The light should not be installed loosely. Otherwise, it can fall off as you remove your hand.

Step 6: Power ON

Now, you can turn ON the power to your fluorescent light. Make sure it is working properly and has no fault.

FAQs Regarding Fluorescent Lights

Learn something more about the lights by reading the following frequently asked questions.

How to install a 2-pin fluorescent bulb into a screw socket?

Modern bulb sockets have a screw design. They have replaced the older pin sockets. This design is more secure and durable. But, you can still install 2-pin bulbs into them. Just buy a 2-pin to screw socket. It can fit a pin bulb inside it. While its outer side has a screw design to install it in the screw socket. You have to tit the bulb in the pin socket. Then install this socket into the screw fixture.

What are the differences between normal and compact fluorescent bulbs?

Normal fluorescent light bulbs are not energy efficient. However, they are durable with a longer lifespan. Resultantly, they also save you money by running for several hours. In contrast, compact bulbs are smart, lightweight, and specially designed. They are good for small spaces like desk lamps.

How to dispose of failed or broken fluorescent light bulbs?

A broken fluorescent light is dangerous because they contain a harmful gas. When exposed to air, the gas becomes more harmful. So, dispose of a broken bulb immediately. Wrap the bulb in a paper, plastic bag, or cloth and dump it in the trash. The safest way to dispose of is by contacting your local recycling authority.

What is a T8 fluorescent light bulb?

A T8 fluorescent bulb is in the form of a long tube. It is 32 watts with a one-inch diameter. It is available in varying lengths ranging from 4 to 8 feet. T8 lights are energy efficient and durable lasting up to 2 years.

What happens when a ballast goes bad?

If the ballast goes bad or stops working, the light can fuse or burn. Because ballast is responsible to control voltage and supply an adequate amount of light. So, if the ballast fails, the light will be directly connected to the high voltage. It will draw too much current in a short time. As a result, the fluorescent light bulb or lamp will burn.

How to know if my fluorescent ballast has gone bad?

Some warning signs tell you that the ballast is going bad. The most common signs are buzzing, humming, or crackling noises from the unit. Flickering of your fluorescent light is another indication of the bad ballast. Moreover, examine its physical appearance. You will notice burn marks, swollen or cracked casing, oil leakage, and rust on the ballast.

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Final Thoughts

So, I have explained the method step by step in simple words. After going through this article, you can now change your 2-pin fluorescent light bulb. In fact, it is a very basic and simple work. I wish you should learn to do basic electrical work yourself.

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