How to Fix Solar Lights With Nail Polish-Best Hacks

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 07:40 pm

Nail polish is an amazing hack to fix your solar lights. Applying it to your solar lights and panels has a lot of benefits. In this guide, I would tell you how to use nail polish.

I will explain every step in detail. Furthermore, we will learn the benefits of using nail paint. In fact, this hack is very popular. I personally tried it on my solar lights. Believe me, it did wonders. Let us see how it works.

The Science of Using Nail Polish

Solar lights are made of a special type of plastic called resin. It is a hard and glossy material. Resin is also used in clear nail polish. So, it is compatible with your solar lights.

Applying the nail polish creates a reflective coating. It also acts as a barrier and protection. Resultantly, the surface of the bulb reflects sunlight better.

Fixing Solar Lights with Nail Polish

The process is very easy and simple. Just invest a few minutes in this DIY guide. You do not need some special tools.

Only two things are needed; clear nail polish and a good paintbrush. You can also use the brush of your nail paint. Here are the steps to fix the lights;

Step 1: Disconnect Power

The first and foremost step is to disconnect the power supply to your solar lights. Unplug the lights from the solar panels.

Moreover, disconnect all the wires and cables. Also, remove the batteries if they use any batteries. This is important to avoid any short circuit.

How to Fix Solar Lights With Nail Polish-Learn Smart Hacks

Step 2: Clean the Lights

The second important step is to clean the lights properly. As you know, they are installed in an open place, your solar cells catch dirt easily.

Just wipe the dust with a clean cloth. You can also use any surface cleaner or a wet cloth to clean the surface completely. The nail polish cannot work on a dirty surface.

Step 3: Apply Nail Polish

Finally, it is time to apply the clear nail polish. First, stir it for an even coating. Use a small paintbrush or the brush given with the nail paint. Apply an even coat to the solar cells.

Use Q-tips to reach inaccessible areas. Be sure to apply like a pro to avoid any clumps or bubbles. I hope you are an expert at applying nail polish to your nails. Apply with the same care and expertise.

Step 4: Dry the Surface

Let the surface dry after applying one coat. It will take a few minutes to dry completely. Do not touch the surface. Otherwise, the fine coating will be spoiled.

Step 5: Turn ON Lights

Finally, turn ON your lights when they are completely dry. You will notice a clear difference in brightness. Sometimes, the nail polish takes longer to dry out completely. But, do not worry, it works.

The Benefits of Using Nail Polish on Solar Lights

There is a science behind using clear nail polish on solar lights. It helps in fixing. Here are some important pros;

  • Clear nail polish acts as a conductor. Hence, it can turn ON the lights if they are not working.
  • Light passes easily from the solar panels. So, they appear brighter.
  • The panels are protected from weather damage.
  • The lights are brighter after applying the nail polish.
  • It rejuvenates the plastic-covered lights.
  • It stimulates the solar cells to absorb sunlight efficiently.
  • This fix is very cheap. It is a non-toxic and sage method to fix your lights.
  • Nail polish works for all kinds of solar lights.

Tips and Precautions

Although it is a very simple hack yet you should follow some precautions. A few important tips will help you further.

  • Apply the nail polish after removing the plastic cover from your solar lights. It should be applied directly to the cells.
  • Do not apply a thick coat as it will not give desired results. Instead, apply a thin coat.
  • Apply on one light and wait for the results. Maybe your lights are too old. In this case, they will not improve or work even after trying this hack.
  • So, the solution is to replace your bad and old lights. Do not end up wasting all of your nail paint on bad lights.
  • Allow the solar cells to dry completely. Avoid applying nail paint remover or acetone.
  • Do not use hair spray as it can block solar cells.
  • Apply a UV protection spray to protect your solar from damage. This trick is useful for increasing the lifespan of your lights.

Do you want to learn more? If yes, read the following questions and answers.

Can I fix all types of solar lights with nail polish?

Amazingly, nail polish can work on all kinds of solar lights. For example, you can use it on garden lights, Christmas strings, etc. Be sure to apply a clear nail polish not colored. Moreover, apply a thin coat.

How to clean plastic solar lights and panels?

You can clean the solar lights very easily. First, remove the dirt and dust with a dry cloth. Then, soak the cloth in soapy water. Rub the cloth gently on the surface. Remove all the marks, stickiness, and dirt. Simply, wash off with clean water. Finally, wipe with a clean cloth and let them dry completely.

Why did my solar lights stop working?

Solar lights work by absorbing sunlight. If there is not enough sun, they may stop working. Although they can also work with daylight yet sunlight is necessary. Moreover, they have batteries to store energy. Bad batteries should be replaced and your lights will start working.

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Final Thoughts

So, it is very easy and affordable to fix your solar lights with nail polish. Clear nail polish is available almost in all homes. Otherwise, you can buy it at a very reasonable price. After trying it, you will know how smart this hack is.