Electric Blanket Shut OFF After Few Seconds-Fixed

A great number of people use electric blankets in the winter season. But, it is very frustrating if your blanket turns OFF after a few seconds. The bed is still cold and your favorite product starts malfunctioning.

I also faced this issue a number of times during cold winter nights. Some of my family members and friends also reported the same problem. This led me to discover the root cause.

After checking and testing multiple blankets, I detected the issue. However, the reason was not similar for all products.

Therefore, we have to try a few different troubleshooting methods. This guide promises to fix your blanket if it keeps shutting OFF.

Why Does Your Electric Blanket Shut OFF?

Here are some common reasons why your unit shuts OFF after a few minutes;

  • The connectors are loose
  • The wires are damaged or disconnected
  • The unit is not getting enough power or the power source is faulty
  • Thermostat is bad
  • The controller is not working
  • The blanket has some hardware defect

How to Fix the Malfunctioning Blanket?

There can be any reason for the blanket shutting OFF. You have to try a few methods to detect the root cause. Then, you have to apply the fixes listed below;

1. Loose Connectors

The connectors are not plugged in firmly. Therefore, your blanket turns OFF frequently. So, check the connectors and wires. Tighten them if any wires are loose.

Electric Blanket Shut OFF After Few Seconds

Also, check the power cord of your blanket. It should be plugged firmly into the power outlet and in the controller. Double-check all the connections before moving further.

2. Insufficient Power Supply

Check the electric outlet to which your blanket is connected. It may not be delivering sufficient power. Try plugging your product into another outlet. Test the outlet with a Multimeter.

Moreover, avoid using extensions and connect the power directly. Also, check the circuit breakers at your home. A tripped breaker causes such a problem. So, reset the breaker.

3. Reset Your Electric Blanket

I found a simple reset very useful in solving the blanket problems. The reset method may differ slightly for various brands. However, a common method is as follows;

  1. Unplug the power cord of your blanket from the surge protector/electric outlet.
  2. Now, disconnect the power cord from the blanket or controller.
  3. Wait for 1-5 minutes.
  4. Connect the power cord again to the electric outlet and into the blanket.
  5. Finally, turn ON your product and check its functioning.

4. Check the Controller

As I mentioned earlier, I faced the same issue with my electric blanket. After a proper checkup, I found out that its controller is faulty. The toggle switch on the controller was loose.

So, it was switching ON/OFF automatically. I opened up the controller and fixed the switch from inside. This may be the case with you. Carefully, check the controller.

Try to apply all settings and make sure they are working well. You can repair the controller at home. However, it is not replaceable.

5. Bad Thermostat

The temperature sensor or the thermostat of your blanket is behaving abnormally. It regulates the heat and heating mechanism.

A malfunctioning thermostat will shut OFF the blanket even if it is not heated up. It perceives that the product is overheated. So, it turns OFF the unit as a safety measure.

Unfortunately, most brands do not have a replacement thermostat. Hence, you have to replace the whole blanket.

6. Defective Hardware

It could be a defective hardware component that is causing the blanket to shut OFF. For example, the heating element may be broken. Likewise, the wires are frayed out, damaged, or broken.

The controller may be malfunctioning. All these conditions lead to frequent shutting OFF. You have to test the hardware using a Multimeter.

Also, check the physical health of each part. Replace the part if possible. Otherwise, purchase a new blanket. Because using a damaged unit is dangerous for you.

FAQs About Electric Blankets

Here are some of the queries users ask frequently. They will help you troubleshoot your product.

Do electric blankets consume too much electricity?

Electric blankets are equipped with built-in run-through wires. They keep you warm by heating up your bed. However, they do not cost you much. Electric blankets consume less energy than electric heaters. Hence, they cost low comparably.

What are the side effects of electric blankets?

They can be harmful to heat-sensitive people. Electric blankets can cause numbness and overheating. Pregnant women should not use them. Moreover, the elderly, infants and sick people should also avoid using electric blankets.

Do electric blankets cause dehydration?

Yes, under certain conditions, they can lead to dehydration. For example, if you suffer from night sweating, electric blankets can make it worse. Also, avoid using heaters and blankets at the same time. Too much heat can disturb your body’s functioning by overheating.

Can I sleep with my electric blanket turned ON all night?

You should strictly avoid sleeping with an electric blanket ON all night. Because it can cause overheating, burning, electric shocks, fires, or sparks. The wiring inside the blanket can squeeze and go bad. Therefore, it is recommended to switch OFF the blanket once your bed is warm.

How many years can I use my electric blanket safely?

Electric blankets should not be used for more than ten years. Because they become damaged. Check your blanket regularly for any exposed wires, scorch marks, mold, water damage, or worn-out fabric. Replace your blanket immediately if it shows these warning signs.

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Final Suggestion

You can fix your product if it is not too old and in good condition. However, if your blanket is around 5 years old, consider replacing it. Because it has lived its natural lifespan.

Do not take a risk of using a damaged unit. Nevertheless, you must try the troubleshooting methods given in this guide. They will surely help you fix your blanket if it turns OFF after a few seconds.

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