Daybetter LED Lights Not Working- Top 6 Solutions

Daybetter is one of the famous LED light brands. Their products are durable. However, like other LED lights, Daybetter can also pose some issues and can stop working.

For example, the lights fail to turn ON, stay ON, or do not work at all. In this article, I will guide you on how to figure out the root cause.

Moreover, I will explain the method to fix the problematic lights. By the end, you will be able to fix your LEDs at home. So, keep reading and applying each hack.

Troubleshooting Daybetter LED Lights

There can be a number of reasons behind this issue. The most common causes are incorrect installation, damaged ends, cut strips, poor power supply, connectivity failure, etc. Let us learn the solutions.

Solution #1. Check the Power Outlet

One of the immediate culprits can be the power outlet. Maybe it is faulty and cannot deliver the required current to the lights. Make sure the circuit breaker is turned ON.

Further, check the outlet for any damages or short circuits. If the outlet is very hot, loose, smells smoky, or has signs of spark then it is not working.

Also, measure the voltage supply using a multimeter. Plug a different electronic device into the outlet to confirm it is functioning well. Power your lights through another outlet.

Daybetter LED Lights Not Working- Top 6 Solutions

Solution #2. Check the Power Adapter

Also, check the power adapter of your lights. Plug the adapter firmly into the wall socket. Moreover, make sure the adapter is working fine. Use the original AC adapter provided with your Daybetter LEDs.

Further, check the power cable. It should not be damaged, overheated, or expired. Replace the cable or try another one. Examine the entire chain, connection points, and connecting accessories.

Solution #3. Examine the Cut Ends

You may have recently cut down your LEDs. Each strip has copper dots at the end. The strips connect to each other and can be cut at these dots. If you cut them wrongly, the ends get damaged.

So, the electricity will not pass through the lights. The solution is to remove the damaged ends and replace them with new ones.

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Solution #4. Replace the Connector

Multiple LED strips are linked to each other via the connectors. These connectors transmit power between the strips. So, if one of the connectors is damaged or failed, the entire chain will stop working.

You have to examine all the joining points. Use the multimeter to check the current flow. Replace the faulty connector to resolve the problem.

Solution #5. Fix the Connectivity Issue

Daybetter LED lights have various models. Mostly, they come with a remote controller. However, some latest models also feature Wifi or Bluetooth connections.

So, a problem with wireless connectivity can lead to not working issue. For example, if the lights are not connected with Bluetooth or Wifi, they would not respond to voice commands and mobile apps.

Hence, you should make sure the lights are connected successfully. Check the following things;

  • Reconnect Bluetooth and Wifi. Be in range and maintain minimum distance.
  • Check the remote and put in fresh batteries.
  • Remove any physical or wireless interference between the remote and the lights.
  • Reboot your smartphone, or modem, and update the app.

Solution #6. Reset Daybetter LED Lights

If nothing works, you must reset your Daybetter LED strips. This will serve as the final solution to the problem.

  1. Disconnect the power from your lights by unplugging the adapter from the wall outlet.
  2. Next, find the reset button. It is usually located at the back of the lights near the bottom.
  3. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds. It is a small hole. So, you need a pen or paperclip to press it.
  4. Wait a few moments and reconnect the power adapter. Now, turn ON the lights and check if they work or not.

Solution #7. Contact Daybetter

In case your LED lights are new, you should contact Daybetter for complaint and support. Claim the warranty if the product has not exceeded it. Maybe the strips, adapter, or remote has a built-in fault.

So, you should not spend extra money on the repair. Instead, you can get a replacement from the company.

FAQs About Daybetter LED Lights

If you have further queries, read the following frequently asked questions.

Can I cut Daybetter LED strips and still they work?

Yes, you can cut Daybetter LED strips along the marked lines. Because each section has its own circuit. However, each of the cut strips will require a separate power source.

Do Daybetter LED lights have any mobile apps?

Yes, Daybetter strips support Android and iOS apps. There are multiple apps for Daybetter. For example, a remote app, a controlling app, and a customization app. These also include some third-party apps. So, you can have all the control options.

How to connect Daybetter LED strips to Wifi?

Connect the Daybetter LED strips. Plug them into the wall outlet and then plug them out. Repeat this action 3 times until the strips start flashing. Now, connect the lights to your phone. Open the app and click the “+” button. Next, choose “Lightning”, “Strip lights”, and finally “WiFi”. Enter the password to connect and click the “Done” button.

Can LED light strips catch fire?

LED light strips are safe to use like other electronic devices and lights. They will not catch fire without any reason. You should install the lights properly. Do not place any fire object near the lights. Carelessness leads to accidents. Otherwise, the strips are not dangerous.

Do LED light strips to attract bugs?

LED strips are generally cooler than other types of bulbs. Bugs are usually attracted to the warm light source. So, strips will not attract bugs as other lights do. However, still, some bugs are not immune to them and can find them attractive.

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Final Words

This article has listed the official methods of fixing Daybetter LED light strips if they are not working. If you have tried each hack correctly, your lights should be working now. However, you should contact the company if nothing helped.

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